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Work from Home Projects for the Christmas Holidays

Work from Home Projects for the Christmas Holidays

Work from Home Projects for the Christmas Holidays

There is so much more ‘soul’ to giving old-fashioned homemade gifts on the holidays. It really creates the sense that you thought it out, and put forth some extra effort. If you enjoy making things (including money), then you may also like the fact that you can earn some extra income making gifts from home

There are several ideas for projects for the major holidays. It may be a good idea to start planning for next year and be prepared as much as possible a few months prior to the holidays. You can make, give as gifts and sell various things if you like to bake or cook. For example you can make cookies, candy, cakes and sauces. You can package them up attractively in gift baskets or other decorative containers.

Food gifts are particularly desirable and if you would also like to give something that won’t get eaten, then you may want to include related items that they will keep after the food has been consumed. For instance, if you had a cookie basket you could pack it with a holiday themed cup and include a few packets of hot chocolate, coffee or tea to go with the cookies. Or you could display your cookies on an attractive plate that they could keep.

There are other fun crafts like making candles and soap. There are many great ideas for gift baskets that can include matching scents. Scented gifts are also much appreciated as it may seem to some it is a luxury that people may feel they can’t afford for themselves. They would love to receive something special on the holidays that will last a while.

Again if you want a token for them to keep after they have consumed the gift, you can pack your basket with items such as candle holders, soap dishes, wash cloths, incense, etc.

Even if you don’t feel particularly creative and don’t believe you could come up with something that is ‘professional’, you may be able arrange a basket that is completely ‘already made’ things – for example a desk caddy that has note paper, colored paper clips and pens, or a writing kit that could include little tablets or note cards, together with some pens.

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In any case, you would need to figure on the costs of materials, and how you will ship them if applicable. For some of your personal gifts and possibly all the gifts you use for business, you would need to figure out how to ship the gifts. This would include safe and secure packaging so that you are not delivering cookie crumbs by the time the gift arrives.

For the business side, you want to figure your costs and then factor in some profit. Come up with a price list that includes shipping charges. Believe it or not it is very simple to start a blog and advertise your gifts. Be sure to make some pictures of your baskets and post them either on a blog or some other e-commerce site.

You can approach Amazon (Affiliates) for free to get an online store front you can design (they have all the images etc. for you to use). Another possibility is eBay where again they provide the things you need to show off your stuff. You can use a free personal Paypal account for a payment gateway where people can order your products. You need to promote wherever that site is so that you will get customers. There are lots of ways to advertise online and many are free.

You may like this routine so much that you keep your online holiday gift store open year round for birthdays, anniversaries, and other special days.

Happy Christmas Holidays!

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