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LottoSpring 2.0 Relaunching with more Games and Prizes

LottoSpring 2.0 Games and Prizes

LottoSpring 2.0 Games and Prizes

LottoSpring launched with prizes of up to €50,000,000, which was a huge amount giving our opportunity a fantastic start.

We’ve now done deals and had licences issued that allows us to incorporate 4 of the biggest Lotto Games on Earth, with unprecedented prizes running in—to literally billions!

LottoSpring 2.0 and the ProSpring subscriptions allow you to tap into these games and prizes:


As you can see the combined potential prizes are literally OFF THE CHART!

What’s more is that, while playing in a syndicate, you can choose to purchase your own tickets for any of these games as often as you like.

If Powerball has a billion-dollar Jackpot you can use your LottoSpring winnings to have a dip with your own numbers for a shot at that Zuckerberg-level prize payout.

Of course your main subscription with LottoSpring or ProSpring will mean you are already in the games with your syndicate team too.

So you really can have your cake and eat it!

Bonus Blitz

On top of all this we have our own LottoSpring Bonus Blitz Game where you gain FREE Tickets for helping us share and build the LottoSpring and ProSpring brands.

By sharing, attending official events, and taking part in promotions you get a constant flow of Blitz Points that culminate in Blitz Tickets in our Monthly Bonus Blitz Draw.


Blitz draw takes place every 4th Friday and uses the first 5 main numbers of that day’s EuroMillions draw.

And here is the best part… you can’t lose!

Bonus Blitz Tickets win you €1 even if you don’t match a single number, and up to €50,000 for matching 5 Numbers.

All for FREE.

All the draws in the world’s richest Lotto Games, plus Bonus Blitz Tickets that can’t lose – what are you waiting for? Join now Click Below banner to become a member now.

Join Lottospring ,The World's first Social Lotterry Syndicate

N.B not available in USA or France


How to win in the EuroMillions lottery, every week, GUARANTEED

play the lotto for FREE

Play the Lotto for FREE

Watch this video and join my winning circle at http://powerlotto.co.uk/lottospring

Even better – discover how you can play for FREE!

What if you could play the lottery every week and be GUARANTEED to win? Wouldn’t that be great!? But even better, how about if it was FREE?!

Don’t worry, I totally understand if you’re thinking that sounds too good to be true, but last night I won 105 Euros and it didn’t cost me anything so I know this is possible.

(NB. Not available in France or USA)


Good News – FREE Giveaway Promotion is Extended!

lottospring promotion extended

lottospring promotion extended

Here’s the good news…

It was a very intensive, and super-productive, month for both LottoSpring Team and LottoSpring players! Our January promotion worked amazingly – the results were fantastic! So many new players joined LottoSpring in the last few weeks, lots of inactive members reactivated their memberships, and hundreds of active players took advantage of the Promotion to grow their teams.

We couldn’t have kicked off the new year better!  And if you have been amongst the many who helped refer new members, or helped reactivate inactive members, then you have our gratitude and appreciation.

The winners of the Promotion will be announced on our Live Company Webinar with Jamie Mather on 22/02/2017, 7pm GMT / 8pm CET. (The Webinar will be in English, but we will send translated information to all German and Russian speaking players via email).

FREE Giveaway Promotion—EXTENDED!

Because the Promotion worked so well, we have decided to extend our FREE Giveaway Promotion for another 3 weeks right up until the day before the Live Webinar!

Awesome news, right?  Now everyone who joined (or reactivated) recently also has more time to increase their chances to win cool, free stuff with their activities!

If you have been hitting the promotion hard, like so many others have, then here’s your chance to scale to new heights. Keep going…

If you haven’t taken advantage as much as you could have, then this is your second chance so do it now. Regret is never kind on you… go for it and avoid the pain of not giving it your all when you had such an amazing opportunity.

The prizes are awesome – and FREE, so don’t miss the last chance to get your hands on one of the following:

  • One of two brand new Dell laptops
  • A brand new iPhone 7
  • 10,000 free Blitz Points
  • Free Amazon Vouchers worth 50 & 100 Euro
  • (Not available in France or USA)
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