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Leadership Skills Required for HomeBusiness Entrepreneurs

Leadership Skillls Reqquiredfor Homebusiness Entrepreneurs

Leadership Skills Required for Homebusiness Entrepreneurs

Of the common traits of successful leaders, the top two characteristics are thought to be being conscientious and being extroverted. Being conscientious one would always be taking care of business, (doing what you have to do, on time); and having a business plan including target goals. Being focused of course has everything to do with having any of these skills.

Being an extrovert has more to it than being ‘the life of the party’ and indicates someone who is outgoing and sociable. Being sociable is a trait or ability that is instrumental in the art of motivating others. Dominance is also a factor that people react to because they believe it indicates competence, so they might trust you if they see you that way.

There are always exceptions to every rule, and in this case for example an introvert can also be an effective leader because they listen to others. Now isn’t that a gift! We need more people who will really care enough to listen. A good leader would be attractive to others. Trust and respect are important in business. They are qualities that make one attractive to others. Trust and respect are particularly relevant if you are in a position to encourage others to follow you into a business opportunity.

It doesn’t mean you can’t still be a good leader and be successful in business if these character traits don’t come naturally. It would be in your best interest to cultivate them. If you are shy and a bit introverted, forcing yourself to smile and making eye contact frequently will go a long way. Pretty soon it will seem more natural. People do not read our minds and being shy may often be perceived as being unapproachable or even ‘stuck-up’.

Being conscientious is easier to practice because we can control our own actions if we plan on it. This includes not only being trustworthy and honest, but being professional. You would be on time, and meet your obligations as far as you have committed yourself. It is really disrespectful to keep people waiting as if their time is not important. Being conscientious also includes being accurate and efficient in presenting yourself and your work (skill set). Proofreading is that extra step that you should definitely take.

‘You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression’. The first impression will really stick to you whether positive or negative. Although people may overlook our imperfections since they also are not perfect, if we make chronic mistakes, then we can lose their respect and trust. Since there are factors we can’t control, such as how well the business will do in the future, you want to establish a strong relationship so that your foundation will not falter if things get rough down the line.


How to Write an Article for Your HomeBusiness Blog

Content is King

Content is King

Believe it or not even if you don’t think you have any writing skills – can you hold a conversation? Yes you mostly can. Writing is just like having a one-way conversation. Nobody there to answer but you can. It is pretty sure you can write an email as well. So you take these avenues and consider that YOU CAN write.

Just think of any issue you may have had, positive or negative with your business. Use that as an idea to start and then just keep the conversation going. What happened? Did it work well? What didn’t work about it? What did you learn from it? You may want to provide the solution you found either way.Another excellent thing to remember is ‘writer’s block’ is usually idea block – you just need to find an idea and write something. You will keep flowing the longer you add information. Although whatever is on your mind and in your daily life is probably a great place to find ideas to write about, using keywords is also automatically going to get you started.Keywords are words or phrases that are relevant to your niche or business industry. In the case of “Home Business” for example you can create “long-tail keywords” like ‘home business online” or ‘home business ideas” – also in this family are ‘working at home’, ‘making money at home’ and many more.You should create a swipe file so you can just open it up each day and pick a topic to write about. Use the keyword or keyword phrase in your subject or topic and use it a few times in your content. Do not use it more than a few times in each article, as it will have the opposite effect you are hoping for.Use it only within the natural flow of your content. If the search engines consider you to be a ‘keyword spammer’ they will not index your site as they would if you had content with value.Here is an example of keyword spam: ‘My home business is a home business that will succeed. I work my home business every day, If you want your home business to work out you need to work your home business every day’, Horrible right?

This same information provided by someone who is not a spammer: ‘My home business is an online business that will succeed. I try to make sure at the very least every day that all my links are working properly’. Not so bad. Keyword used in title and one time in content. You can also consider ‘online business’ to be a keyword phrase that may rank from this article.


When You Work at Home, it is Your Office

work from home office

work from home office

Your office is in your home, versus you live at the office. You need both a home and an office. This may sound like nonsense but it does have important points. The problem with living at the office is that you may become inclined to work too much.

Having an idea at midnight is a good thing (ideas anytime are good!). You should take action as soon as possible or at least write down the details so you don’t forget what may be a very bright idea. You may also remember something that you need to do. However, if you have already worked more than 8-12 hours, you need to rest. Remove yourself from your work at times as a rule. All you need to do now is make a note to do it soon.

If you work at a job most usually don’t want to bring their work home with them, and it’s best not to. This includes emotional baggage from stress that is created by the whole hamster wheel rut to get to work, be at work and go home from work. If you are self-employed your routine can be varied somewhat anytime you feel the need. When you work for yourself you are free to a certain degree!

The day job has a start and stop working point, and then there is the struggle in traffic as ‘punishment for a job well-done’. The commute, at least is a break from the actual work — if anything good can be said about all the chaos of being stuck in traffic. It does provide a period where you can mentally switch gears from work to home.

‘Some people work to live, and some live to work’ – either way it’s ok. However we need to have moderation and balance in everything – enough work and enough play but not too much of either. With that said the person who loves to work will probably do a much better job. Try to find the good points!

When we rest, we cleanse our minds. It is crucial for our bodies to have relaxation and sleep on a regular basis. People who take ‘cat naps’ are more efficient – sharper than those bogged down by too many details. Taking naps, or at least shutting our eyes for a few minutes is good for the soul. It is not slacking unless we are not getting our work done (and maybe it is because we are too tired).

It is imperative to take frequent short breaks to rest your brain, eyes, neck and arms. Even sitting at your PC or desk for long periods is hard on your back and circulation, so better get away from your desk to stretch and walk around a bit if you can. Just a couple minutes is helpful to your health and efficiency.

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