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Multiple streams of income is a brilliant concept

Multiple incomes is a brilliant concept

Multiple Streams of incomes is a brilliant concept

Sometimes it takes a silly image to convey a thought when there may be no word coming to mind. Here we have a robotic being where he has multiple arms and feet. He doesn’t merely walk the walk – he is actually doing something useful with every movement. He is purposeful at all times. His game is always progress and to transcend.

To try to demonstrate how someone can become like one of these powerful beings, this might include that while doing regular account monitoring – checking your commissions and prospects in your affiliate programs, making sure you website is up and running, etc., you also take some time to see if there are any new advertising and marketing services that you might add to your arsenal.

You may also at times see if there are any new opportunities you might add to your portfolio with the possibility of earning more money. While the most important thing on your agenda has to be what you are already doing, you should also keep in mind you could be doing more. This includes even joining free programs that hold some attraction in what they may provide free. Take some time to look them over and of course see what you can do to progress either at the free or upgraded level if the program looks promising.
Multiple streams of income is a brilliant concept. Let’s compare – your salary from your day job. It is always the same; unless of course you are in a position where you may also earn from over-time income projects. These are great but not guaranteed or something you depend on in your monthly budget. (unless you are feeling very, very tired and getting used to working more than 40-hour weeks).

When you have your own home business online, there are no limits other than what you can perceive and support with your actions. Very few if any programs will do anything for you unless you work at it. Learn it, find out what to do, do it, and then keep it up consistently until you see results.
Don’t stop at results! This is just some encouragement to show you that it does happen! Keep up the good work and do more of what you are doing and always try to find more things you can do – whether it is for the programs you are excelling with or ones that haven’t really shown their true colours yet!


New GUARANTEED WIN Pricebenders auctions!

new guaranteed win at Pricebenders

NEW guaranteed win at Pricebenders Auctions

If you’ve never won a Pricebenders auction before (or have not won in the last year), we’ve got GREAT news for you!  Beginning Wednesday, November 11th, we’ll be offering auctions for new CSAs in which you are guaranteed to win!  Yes, even with as little as one bid (one TCredit), you’re guaranteed to win a CSA (Co-Sponsored Affiliate)!


1. When a Guaranteed Win (GW) auction starts, get to the auction and place at least one bid.

2. Once the auction ends, you’ll receive an email with directions for how to claim your CSA (note that it will require going through checkout at TripleClicks).  The cost at checkout will be no more than $1.29–which can be paid by any form of payment including MRP or gift certificate.  The price could be less, but we’re capping the price at $1.29.

3. To add some additional fun and interest, all GW auctions will also have a “Last Bidder’s Bonus.”  In short, there will be a secondary prize of 35 CSAs awarded to the person who places the last bid.  But it gets better; the bundle quantity will increase in proportion to the number of bids placed.  So the more persons participating, the higher the bundle quantity can go (up to 200 total CSAs)!  If you’re the final bidder, they’re yours…at no additional cost!

4. Don’t forget that each bid also earns you 5 MRP (Member Rewards Points) and an Action VP (Limit: 500 AVP from auctions per month), too!  Plus, for every 10 bids, you’ll earn up to one PSA via’s our amazing, business-boostingLIMITS:

  • Participation in Guaranteed Win auctions are limited to SFI affiliates who have never won a Pricebenders auction OR have not won in the last 365 days.
  • A maximum of 200 bidders will be allowed per auction.  If you arrive late and bids have been placed already by more than 200 different people, you’ll have to wait until the next GW auction.
  • The Last Bidder’s Bonus bundle is capped at 200 CSAs.


To enter one of the GW auctions, just be at the Pricebenders index at one of the following times on a Wednesday, with at least one TCredit in your account and be ready to bid:

  • 4am CT
  • 11am CT
  • 8pm CT

We plan to have GW auctions at these same three times each Wednesday, starting November 11th.

Why GW auctions are a BIG deal for SFI Team Leaders

WOW.  Imagine dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of your affiliates trying out a GW auction…and why wouldn’t they?  All they need is just one TCredit to win a fresh CSA.  Tip: You can transfer up to ten TCredits to your PSAs if not having a TCredit is stopping them from joining the fun.

screenshot_755So what happens after they’ve jumped into a GW auction?  Well, for starters, they’re going to learn exactly how Pricebenders works, by participating in an actual auction.  This is very valuable because it can eliminate the fear of auctions that many people have.  More importantly, they will experience a Pricebenders WIN–which may very well embolden them to become a regular participant at Pricebenders.

So, with large numbers of affiliates on your team active at Pricebenders (and with a fresh, new CSA, too), might that translate into all kinds of new activity–and higher commissions that come with it–for both them and you?  Absolutely!

And, of course, because of SFI’s powerful profit-sharing program (the TripleClicks Executive Pool), GW auctions have the potential to give a big boost to overall revenues and the share value of your Matching VPs–even if there’s not a lot of people in your own team that are eligible to participate.

Yeah, GW auctions could be a very, very big deal indeed!  So if you’re excited about this like we are, make sure all of your existing affiliates and those joining daily know about Guaranteed Win Wednesdays (starting November 11th).  Note: We’ll be doing special promotions of all GW auctions (at least for a while), so you’ll definitely know about upcoming GW auctions so you can provide a heads-up for your team.


Stay at Home? Keep Busy

stay at Home? Keep Busy

stay at Home? Keep Busy

Being home alone whether you have a home business or not, there are some things that may be true either way. Being home is wonderful but it can be lonely if you are more of a ‘people person’. You can get used to it though. There are ways within reason that you can be happy, for example making dates with friends on a regular basis to have lunch, dinner, etc. Even texting on your phone, using an online chat client or social network, one of the best things about working alone from home online is when you realize there are hundreds of people out there. In many cases they have much more in common with you than the people at your job. You are really not alone.

You really do need to take regular ‘breathers’ to get out of the house periodically (and regularly). Don’t wake up one day and realize you are getting depressed or ‘stir crazy’ from staying alone too much. Don’t turn your home business into another rut like your job.’ Be sure you still get lots of rest, fresh air and exercise. Particularly if you work both outside and in your home, you may not feel like you have time. Make Time. If you fall apart exhausted or to the point of illness, who will run everything?

If you do enjoy staying home, do something productive even on a ‘hobby’ basis. You can have a great time and improve your fortunes if you make your home generate money to help with your living expenses. In several ways you can improve your atmosphere just by keeping busy and doing something productive. Your ‘hobby home business’ can be a learning tool that might eventually develop into a money making business.

You may have to start at organizing your space to make room for a home office or workshop. This will not only give you a feeling of ‘space’ where you can breathe and think clearly, it can be an exercise that you do each day, one room top to bottom until the whole house is clear.

Don’t forget not to hoard things. If you see things you haven’t seen in years, that means you don’t need them. Start a few piles; one to donate to any number of places for people that really need things; and one for the garbage. Once your atmosphere has been cleared and you are breathing better, you can think clearer. At this point start a few lists of things that interest you and that you like to do. Do some research on how you could do these things at home and make some extra money.