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Should I Move My Email List to Trafficwave?

Should I move my Email list to Trafficwave?

Should I move my Email list to Trafficwave?

Why move your lists to Trafficwave.net from one of the other service providers?

Cost savings is always a big factor and they are very happy to be able to help businesses save a considerable amount of money when they move their email marketing lists over to their system. With thier flat rate pricing, of only $17.95  for an unlimited subscriber list it is easy to see how you will save money when you switch to Trafficwave.net.

Deliverability is another big factor and Trafficwave.net enjoys a very high deliverability rate. TrafficWave.net adheres to a very strict policy of what is and is not accepted when it comes to building your email marketing list. Their high standard is a big reason I love their deliverability rating which  is so high around the world. No matter where your list is, if your messages can’t get delivered, your email marketing campaign is dead in the water.

If you are wanting to move an established list over from another company, and this list has been built reputably, they do not anticipate any issues with your move. They do need to be clear, however, that purchased or harvested lists are going to be a problem for you no matter which service you use and such lists will not be allowed in the Trafficwave.net system.

So, if you have a list (or lists) that you have been managing with other services and that list is a stable list of valid subscribers you are already regularly interacting with, they welcome your transition they look forward to helping you transition your list over quickly and easily without the need for your existing subscribers to reconfirm.

Here are the steps to follow:

  • Join Trafficwave.net for their free 30 day trial  to find out all you need to know first
  • Set up your autoresponder campaign and automated follow-up letters.
  • Send a support ticket with your list attached as a single .csv file.
  • Be sure to let us know which campaign to import your list to.
  • Include details on how you have been managing the list, how you built the list, and how often you have been mailing your list.

Upon review, if everything checks out, your list will be imported in to the system and you will receive an email confirmation showing you the totals/results of the move.

Feel free to ask any other questions you have along the way to their excellent Support Team

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Breakthrough Training – How to Generate $1000+ Pay Days!

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My very good friends John Thornhill and Dave Nicholson are running a workshop
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They are about to reveal how you can generate 1k plus paydays, by revealing
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Yes! 2004

I’ve actually seen no other marketer use this business model, let me tell you,
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Surprisingly, they have kept this method ‘underground’ since 2004, and have
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Whatever you may think this business model is about I guarantee it’s not, as
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Oh, and just so you know, they know your time is valuable, so they will be
revealing what this is about within 10 minutes of starting, no fluff here.

So make sure you attend this one as I guarantee you are going to be blown
away by what John & Dave reveal.


Thursday 8th March
8pm EST (New York)

To register for free go to http://homebusinesszone.co.uk/storewebr


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